Polish Stash

This page will list all the polishes I currently own and will probably feature on this blog. As I've explained before, this blog is more of a nail diary so if I get a professional manicure, the colours used then probably won't be listed here unless I own them but pictures will still be published. It is still under construction at the moment so only my OPI stuff will be up as I started listing those first. Check back soon for a Wishlist page.


Wild West Collection (Spring 1999)

OPI & Apple Pie

New York City Collection (Autumn 2000)

South American Collection (Spring/Summer 2002)
Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot

Las Vegas Collection (Spring 2003)
Chapel of Love

Sheer Romance Collection (Spring 2004)

Canadian Collection (Autumn 2004)
Polar Bare

Tuxedo Collection (Autumn 2004)
Lady In Black (formerly known as Black Onyx)

Psychedelic Summer Collection (Summer 2007)
Peace Baby

Russian Collection (Autumn/Winter 2007)
Midnight in Moscow

Mod About Brights Collection (Summer 2008)
Green-wich Village
The “It” Color

South Beach Collection (Spring/Summer 2009)
Miami Beet

Espana Collection (Autumn 2009)
Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow

Alice in Wonderland Collection (Spring 2010)
Absolutely Alice
Mad As A Hatter
Off With Her Red!

Hong Kong Collection (Spring/Summer 2010)
Chop-Sticking To My Story
Jade is The New Black

Shrek Forever After Collection (Summer 2010)
Fiercely Fiona
Rumple’s Wiggin

Summer Flutter Collection (Summer 2010)
Catch Me in Your Net

Swiss Collection (Autumn/Winter 2010)

Burlesque Collection (Winter/Holiday 2010)
Bring On The Bling
Show It & Glow It

Katy Perry Collection (Spring/Summer 2011)
Teenage Dream

Pirates of the Caribbean Collection (Summer 2011)
Mermaid’s Tears
Skull & Glossbones

Serena Williams Glam Slam! Collection (2011)
Servin’ Up Sparkle

Holland Collection (Spring 2012)
Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Nicki Minaj Collection (Spring 2012)
Metallic 4 Life
Designer Series (DS)
DS Classic (sample)
DS Reflection (sample)

Damone Roberts 1968

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