About Me

Hi there!
First of all I'd like to thank you for stopping by. This blog was created so I could share pictures of my ever changing nails with fellow nail polish addicts. Think of it as a nail polish diary.

I'm not a nail or beauty technician and I have no qualifications or experience in the beauty industry. I'm just a 25 year old graduate student from London, England who loves experimenting with nail polish colours and effects. For me, all make up is about art, about expressing yourself and your emotions. Although my time in higher education has been concentrated in the sciences, I have a wide variety of creative interests including writing, cooking, baking, playing the piano and guitar (yes even with my painted nails!) and cross-stitching.

Most of my nail polishes are by OPI but I will share swatches from other brands from time to time. My favourite brands are OPI, Essie and Zoya. I also love Barry M polishes for their shade variety and cheap prices. I do not work for any of the companies involved with the products discussed nor do I receive compensation for my entries. Please check the Disclosure Policy tab for more information.

Please feel free to let me send comments, questions, random hellos etc. The best way to leave comments is at the bottom of a post. Questions and other things are best directed to my email address.
I can be contacted at enigmaticbeauty@gmail.com

L x